Saturday, September 4, 2010

First wk. of Sept. 2010 August flew by. This begins my marithon week of work, travel and play.

Will be working From 7 PM to 7 AM on Sat. , Sun., and Mon. ,taking Wanda to Doctor in Springfield on Tues. , packing my bag on Wed. and flying to Florida on Thurs..

Update on my visitor in my tomato plants. Two days later, there was three more of the monster like creatures, so guess what ! the tomato plants were pulled, chopped, and dried for burning when the burn ban here is canceled. I am working on learning to transfer my photo of the MONSTER, so you can comprehend the importance of the BURN.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

the garden visitor

The garden visitor is GONE for good. The 8 cabbage plants have survived the heat for three days, and they may make through this heat with watering 2 xs a day and shaded by my old corn stalks.

Trip to Hot Springs was fun. Met friend, Marie, and ate too much. Went to the Garvin Woodlands Gardens. It was planned and started by a lady then donated to the University Ar. for up keep. We walked for 1.25 hours and only saw a part of the 210 acres. It is beautiful, has a Coipond, many rocky streams with water falls and plans of many kinds. I forgot, hills up and down the path gave us a good workout.

Now, looking forward to a trip to Florida and visit with a nurse I worked with back in the.....some time ago.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday; CHANGE- Not going to Branson, (Two of the members had family emergencies) , but I am going to Hot Springs with my friend Dawn. We will visit a friend and tour the gardens. I have heard a lot about it. Can't remember the name. The last trip we planned to do this walk. A sprained knee stopped that trip.

This week was filled with two days at work; Cleaning the weeds from the garden after a couple of rains, they went wild; Sewing on a quilt;and and ---Began to go the gym to work out.

The Bermuda grass had covered everything. While checking the tomatoes, it became evident that a visitor had invaded because a branch was stripped of the leaves. The great horned worm was dinning. A search 4 x's for 15 min. and he evaded my eyes. Tomorrow, he is going to be evicted, permanently. Will set my 8 cabbage plants.

Fill in on the trip to Hot Springs later.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The party was well attended with about 70 people coming to wish the 60 year marriaged couple well.
The cake impressed me. My Aunts grand daughter baked and decorated it. It was very professional. The three layers were stacked apart by a ring of clear plastic which displayed the photos their previous aniv. parties. So.... cool. The daughters and grand daughters prepared all the snacks. These varied from shrimp on cucumber slices lightyly sprinkled with cayenne pepper, to a cream cheese spread covered with a spicy sweet mixture of caramel, chopped pecans and (maybe) tereiyaki sauce. These were only the beginning ,at the end of the table a large display of fruits was beautifully presented. A pink punch and ice cream punch appeared so refreshing and was enjoyed by many on this hot day.
Effie was dressed in a pale green light weight flowing gown and looked beautiful ,while Duane wore a shimmering light gray suit.
I saw many cousins, other aunts and an uncle. A lot remembering and sharing filled the hall. The slide show of the couple's family drew a lot of attention and praise.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

end of July

Well, the month is almost over and the garden is still producing tomatoes, beans and kale, all other plants have died from the heat. The heat index has been about 100 most of July.

I made through my three day shifts. Tired,but happy. Tomorrow I prepare for a trip to my Aunt's aniversary party on Saturday. Must tell all about it later.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I thought ....the week was planned, but a plan is only a hope to do list .Every day was changed but I have to say I enjoyed each one. This week is a 3 -12 hour day work, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on the 7 AM to 7PM shift.

Monday will can tomatoes and green beans.... maybe? Then skip-skip-skip-, because when I work --I sleep --I work-- etc.

On Friday ,I plan to go to Jonesboro, Ark. for my aunt's 60th WEDDING ANIV. PARTY on Saturday. It is hard to believe that it has been that long. What does one give to a couple after sixty years? Gold Star? Purple Heart? Valium? You know that they have the most important thing--"LOVE'.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Second beginning..

I have jumped into blogging again? Maybe , it seems that I have no time to stay at the computer to blog. This week's schedule: in case I forget where I am to be. Today is Monday. Have plans to visit my friend Wanda, who lives 2 miles away. ( In the country, refer to miles not minutes). She is 84 years old and Wanda has replaced my Mother that passed away in 2005. Going to lunch and Walmart .

Tuesday, I will work 7 PM to 7AM at the Hospice House. I will spend the morning : watering the garden, adding fertilizer to the two tomato plants and the 4 corn stalks, raking the grass clippings for mulch around the garden, and pampering the new sprouts of Basil, Spinach, Kale, Green onions and Radishes.

Wednesday, Will sleep until noon: then drive to Jonesboro to spend night with a friend, Marion.

Thursday and Friday, I will spend with Tara, one o my grand children. She has disabilities as a result of problems at birth and will always be a child even at 21. Tara is such a happy person.

Saturday, I return to my home to rest for work at Hospice House 7PM - 7AM. The work is very rewarding. All the staff are wonderful to the patients and their families. (and me)

That covers this week. If all goes well, I will fill in the blanks of this week next week.